Sustainable Salon

Tayla’d Styling exists to allow you to be truly you! We are a salon founded on the ethos that acknowledging our unique differences enables us to be our complete selves. With this in mind, we treat each of our clients individually. We cater to your own personal needs, listen actively to your dreams and desires, and ultimately understand your hair is an extension of you. But we don’t stop there…

It’s one thing to offer a uniquely tailored experience to our wonderful clients, but another to ensure the planet is respected and valued throughout every step of the process too. We believe we have a responsibility to ensure our ‘salon footprint’ does not damage the earth, animals, or people. Sustainability sits at the heart of Tayla’d Styling, and runs through all decisions, practices, and team culture. When you visit Tayla’d Styling, you can rest assured knowing the planet is cared for in every step of your salon experience.

A big part of our sustainability focus is driven by our partnership with Sustainable Salons: an organisation we are very proud to be a part of.

Sustainable Salons

In April 2018, we became the Hibiscus Coast’s first Sustainable Salon. Sustainable Salons are a social enterprise that rescues up to 95% of salon resources from landfill. They also find repurposing solutions that benefit the planet, all while supporting the community. Sustainable Salons ensure all salon waste ends up in the right place. Whether it’s recycled or repurposed, they find a solution for everything!

Chemicals: All chemicals are purified in chemical recycling plants and turned into recycled water. The water is then reused in roadworks and construction.

Hair: Hair clippings from our salon are made into hair booms that help clean up oil spills along our coast lines. If the hair is 20cm or longer, we gather it into a neat ponytail, and send it off to Sustainable Salons who distribute the hair to charities who create wigs for those suffering with cancer or alopecia. We’ll award you with an official certificate to say thank you when you donate your glorious locks too!

Metals, paper, plastics, and razor blades: All members of our Tayla’d Styling team separate every type of waste into the appropriate bins. Sustainable Salons pick these up from us every week and recycle each material responsibly.

Knowing our waste is responsibly taken care of, takes a huge weight off our shoulders. To put the icing on the cake, Sustainable Salons allow us to be involved in giving back to New Zealand too. All proceeds from repurposing our salon materials go to OzHarvest and KiwiHarvest who distribute meals to those in need. Sustainable Salons provide more than 2,000 meals every month!

Above and Beyond

On top of our partnership with Sustainable Salons, we practice our own eco initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint and tread lighter on the planet.

Our towels are made from bamboo and are biodegradable. This means, after use, they will break down in approximately 12 weeks. Using these sustainable towels dramatically reduces our washing cycles, saving water and energy. The gloves we use to colour your hair that perfect shade just for you, are also biodegradable, latex free, and break down easily in a worm farm! We’ve said goodbye to wasteful plastic materials and bulging rubbish bins, and hello to conscious salon practices that ensure your health and the planet is never compromised.

Our Why

At Tayla’d Styling, we consider ourselves a family. Our values are interwoven into our daily habits, and all team members practice sustainability in their own homes. In our salon space, we are open to talking with you about sustainability, and changing habits for the better through open conversations and discussions. From beach clean ups to natural makeup, you’ll come away with extra knowledge on how to save the world!

Tayla’d Styling is committed to caring for both people and the planet. It is our vision to create a salon environment where you feel comfortable, relaxed, and pampered, but it is also our vision to see our planet thrive. We are dedicated to ensuring you are treated as the totally awesome individual that you are, while respecting mother nature in all that we do.