Tayla'd Styling

Tailored For You

When you walk through the doors of a salon, you want to know your hair will look great when you walk back out. But a salon is about more than just your hair.

It’s about the welcome you get as you come in. It’s about the magazines you explore as you relax before your appointment. It’s about the coffee you savour as you get pampered. It’s about the products that give your hair the TLC it needs. It’s about the buzz, the vibe of the place that makes you feel excited to be there. And most importantly, it’s about the people who make you feel like you’re really cared for, like you’re at home. It’s about belonging.


That’s why at Tayla’d Styling, we don’t have clients – we have one big, extended family.

I’m Tayla Carpenter, and my dream for a ‘tailored styling’ salon was born right here on the Coast. Tired of travelling to the salon I worked at on the North Shore, I loved the idea of making a bespoke , original salon right in Silverdale village. It was the scariest and biggest risk I’ve ever taken – I put everything into making it work. Luckily, my clients, team, and family gave me the confidence and support I needed to take the step – and I’ve been grateful every day since for what we’ve built together.


At Tayla’d Styling you’ll get more than just a haircut.

You’ll get a confidence boost and a pick me up no matter what mood you walked in with.You’ll even get an unrivalled education on the best methods and products to manage your hair and style. Our team of Tayla’drockstars love passing on their knowledge to our apprentices, who grow into amazing rockstars themselves, and to you.

We love our Tayla’d family and it shows. From the care we take with every part of your experience to the things we remember about you and your family – all of that comes from a place of love and leaves you feeling like you belong. Tailored for you, not just your hair – that’s what we’re all about.

So come on in – we’d love to have you as part of the family.